Commercial Uses Of Paraffin Wax

There are various types of items that are used widely among various industries. Paraffin wax is one of the core industries that is used in many industries all around the world. Many people use items that are produced using or with the help of this particular type of wax. Paraffin is a colourless wax made from petroleum. Sometimes it is manufactured with the use of coal as well. This wax has no taste or smell and is white in colour. Many industries make use of paraffin wax due to its various uses. Following are some of the most common uses of paraffin wax.

There are various types of products that are widely used in the agriculture industry. Out of all of these products, paraffin wax is widely used in the agriculture industry. We never think about the various other uses of wax when we buy candles Australia. However, paraffin wax is used widely to as an anti-caking additive in fertilizer industries connected to agriculture. Therefore, this could be noted as one of the common uses of the agriculture and fertilizer industry.

Wax is used to create orthodox christening candles. However, that is not the only use of wax. Believe it or not, paraffin wax is widely used in food as well. As paraffin wax has the ability to form into a coating, it is used for food such as cheese and oranges. Other than its use as a coating for fruits and cheese, it is also one of the ingredients for gum based products such as chewing gums. Therefore, not only to build items, paraffin wax is also widely used in the food production industry as well.

There are many types of tablets that use paraffin wax as a coating to ensure that it is protected from any damages. Therefore, this item is widely bought and used in the pharmaceutical industry. Further, this item is also used when manufacturing lipsticks, creams and lotions. Hence, paraffin wax is a very common ingredient found in many cosmetic items as well.

Paraffin wax is widely used as a coating for various fabrics. Paraffin gives elasticity and a softness to the fabric. Sometimes paraffin wax wears of clothes and needs to be recoated in order to bring back its softness and elasticity. Therefore, this is widely used by various fabric manufacturers to give flexibility and softness to what they produce. There are many types of waxes around the world and paraffin wax is one of the commonly and widely used type of wax. The above are some of the common uses of paraffin wax. candles-online