How Does Improper Waste Disposal Affect Negatively?

Nowadays, pollution becomes a huge problem. That affects green house gases. That is one of the most important reasons of Global warming. Inappropriate waste removal is one of the main causes of pollution.

As we all know that there are different types of garbage. Some are bio degradable and others are not. Plastics are non-biodegradable garbage which means that it cannot be mixed with soil. But if it breaks down it release chemicals to the soil. So if we separate one types of garbage with another and by proper waste removal process and hiring skip bins Brunswick, the problem can be decreased. Now we discuss how the inappropriate waste removal can affect our lives and environment of earth. Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution is one of most common affects of inappropriate waste removal. There are garbage and waste which cannot be mixed with soil and if they break down they release dangerous chemicals to the soil. For that reason soil pollution happened. As a result of this plant growth is affected. Not only plant growth, but also animals which are eating the plants are affected by the soil pollution. It’s also dangerous to human health. Human reproduction system, liver gets affected by the soil pollution. It also causes weight loss. But the problem of soil pollution can be solved by us. If we can sort our garbage then we can decrease the problem. As plastics, metals, papers and electronic things are recyclable, so we can sort them out from other garbage and we can take, through skip bin hire Melbourne, it to any recycle center of our locality. Thus the problem can be solved.

Water Pollution:

A number of chemicals get mixed with soil then it goes to the underground water. Many chemicals from a lot of factories get mixed with water. Thus the water of ocean, river, stream and underground gets polluted. That affects the life of marine animals, like fishes. This water also used by humans for drinking purposes, for cultivating crops. Thus the human life is also affected by this.

Air pollution:

Some dangerous chemicals and acids should be composed properly. But sometimes we burn plastics, papers and other chemicals on lands. That releases dangerous gases which mixed with the air, thus the air becomes polluted. When we breathe that polluted air enters into our body and creates a lot of disease.

Health problems and global warming:

The air, water and soil pollution causes a lot of health deceases to human body. It affects our blood circulation, growth process, skin problems, reproduction system etc. The inappropriate waste removal process causes pollution that also affects the environment of our earth. That affects the ozone layer and green house gases and that causes global warming.