Is There Any Difference Between Conveyancing And Property Law?

Law was introduced to this world approximately about three hundred years ago and since then mankind have been taking the full advantage of these set rules. Before the introduction of law, society was barbarous and people were uncivilized. They had no fear to commit heinous crimes. This is the reason that as the time passed by people thought of introducing some set rules and if those rules were not followed then penalty or punishment was decided according to the crime. The main purpose of introducing such a concept was to make sure that nobody’s right is being snatched and to maintain justice in the society. The rules that have been set by the governmental officials are known as laws and must be followed. There are laws for almost every action that we take. So, everyone has to do everything according to the legal terms matter that which case or situation you are in. You must contact a legal practitioner whether you have committed a crime or you want to transfer the property. In this article, we will be discussing that is there any difference between conveyancing and property law. 


Every action that an individual takes must be according to the law whether it’s a marriage contract or a business deal; it should be according to the legal terms and conditions. Similarly, property must also be transferred from one party to another while in the presence of a legal practitioner who makes sure that everything is going according to the legal conditions. This property can be residential, commercial, agricultural or any other such property. The branch of law that deals with the transaction of property is known as conveyancing and the legal practitioner who carries out the duty of property transference is known as a conveyancer.

Is there any difference between conveyancing and property law?

There are not that many differences between conveyancing and property law because the basic concept behind them is same which is related to the property but they are not that much similar to be used as the alternatives. Conveyancing services include checking for the details of the property in discussion, then drafting the required legal documents, after that making sure that appropriate fees has been set between the parties and finally to organise the settlement between them. On the other hand, the services that are provided by the reliable property lawyers are slightly more than those of conveyancers as they also include the property settlement cases and disputes.


The field of law can be categorised into various divisions according to the different situations and cases. One such division of field of law is of conveyancing in Cranbourne. It involves the transaction or transference of the property from one party to another on the presence of a conveyancer while following all of the legal terms and conditions. Property law is similar to conveyancing in some respects but differ in others. “Bay side solicitors” provides the best and reliable services of conveyancing.