Melbourne’s Top Chinese Restaurant

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As diverse as its various ethnic groups, languages, and settings are, so too is chinese food. Every province has its unique customs, and occasionally the foods are so specialized that they can only be obtained in a certain city’s area. Bamboo House historically predominated in Melbourne’s Chinese eateries.

Bamboo House has something for everyone

We have a wonderfully decorated restaurant inside that’s great for catching up with friends or going on a date to chinese restaurant melbourne cbd with either tiny tables for two or bigger tables for a family gathering. The ideal place to celebrate your special occasions outside chinese restaurant melbourne cbd with largest outdoor dining and drinking space, as a fine dining restaurant ideally located in Melbourne, we provide a chance to sample the best northern specialties in sumptuous settings. Learn about delicious culinary specialties, such as Melbourne’s best Peking duck.

Due to our commitment to serving only authentic, high-quality cuisine produced with the freshest local ingredients, many people consider Bamboo House to be the best outside chinese restaurant melbourne cbd. Your supper will go nicely with the vast wine list at Bamboo House, which is fully licensed. On our extensive beverage menu, pick from a choice of domestic and foreign wines, beers, and spirits. For a family meal, catch-up drinks with friends, or a romantic evening out with someone special, our indoor and outdoor eating rooms are ideal chinese restaurant melbourne cbd.

Delicious Chinese Food

To put it mildly, the concept of “Chinese Food” is vague, and it is further muddled by Melbourne’s sizable Chinese diaspora and the abundance of Chinese eateries that result from north to south.

Chinese food comprises so many various types, cuisines, and flavor profiles that it would be impossible for us to create a comprehensive ranking of Melbourne’s top chinese eateries without also creating a brand-new website.

Putting that aside, we’ve tried to hand-pick a few CBD-centric favorites that, in our opinion, best capture the best of Chinese cuisine, from fine dining chinese restaurant Melbourne to street food. Our talented chefs have created a delectable menu that features a variety of traditional dishes for fine dining chinese restaurant Melbourne like dumplings, and more. We have a reputation for serving Melbourne’s CBD’s best Peking duck.

Bamboo House, probably most famous fine dining chinese restaurant Melbourne restaurant, has everything you’d expect from a lavish, traditional Chinese eatery. Bamboo House is the traditional fine dining chinese restaurant Melbourne.

We’ve created a separate directory for the finest dumpling places in Melbourne so that this list doesn’t end up being as big as a dictionary. Also make sure to read our guide to Melbourne’s top dumplings. Discover gastronomic specialties like our well-known tea-smoked duck, potstickers, and gently cooked scampi with garlic sauce

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