Mobile Mattress, A Name Of Comfort

Mobile mattress has been into the business of selling bed bases, mattress and hardboard online since a long time. We provide our services and operations in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. We have high-quality mattress at affordable prices. Our ever-ready staff is available 24/7 on the website to help and guide you according to the requirements and preferences. We deliver at your home and help you in installing the ordered products. Our company also gives you a warranty of our product and services so that you could enjoy our services for a quite long time. We believe in providing comfort to all the customers. 

Goods and Products in Our Store:

Following are the things that we have for you in our online store.

Bed Bases:

Bed base plays a vital role in keeping the mattress Brisbane condition good for a long time. Usually, people lay down the mattress on the floor who does not like elevated beds, lower bed bases is a blessing for those people. In this way, they get their preferred level of mattress and it also protect the mattress from getting dirty. If the mattress has been placed on the floor then there are so many chances of getting it patchy as it touches the surface of the floor. Sometimes, we might experience the leakage problems in our washrooms, eventually it fills up the floor of the washroom and even the floor of the room and if the mattress has kept on the floor, it causes harm to the mattress and it would be able to use more as water penetrates into the mattress and it negatively affects the foam or cotton inside the mattress. So, it is good to go for bed bases always.


A good mattress is always a blessing for all of us. A good mattress allows us to sleep peacefully in our home without having our sleep interrupted with discomfort. If the mattress is not comfortable you might have to go through worst back pain. A back pain is the most complicated issues for a human being. Once it has started, it does not go so easily. So, we have to be very careful whilst selecting a mattress.

Additional Products:

We have different variety of bed bases available in our store. We have bed bases with drawers. It is an ideal option for those who are a shopaholic and need more space to keep the bought products in the room. It does not look bad at all. In fact, no one can even know that the base has drawers in it. We make special designs for you.


We have different of sizes of beds and mattress available in our shop. We offer following sizes.


Long single




We also give you an option to make them customized as per the size of the bedroom.