Why Is The Aluminum Grade 6061 So Popular?

6061 aluminum

6061, one of the most common grades of aluminum, is commonly used in electronics, soldering, structural applications, and a wide variety of commercial and household products. 6061 aluminum tubes, rods and sheets have high to medium strength, excellent corrosion resistance, exceptional machinability and exceptional weldability. Because of its higher strength than other alloys in the family, 6061 aluminum is often used in applications where a durable yet lightweight material is required. 6061 is one of the most widely used forms of 6061 aluminum. The precipitation solidification results in a state or degree of hardness known as T6. This grade has a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be heat treated. Due to its excellent formability and weldability, it is used in boat, interior, engineering and structural applications.

Applications for 6061 aluminum

The development of car parts is the most widely recognized development application for 6061 aluminum. Motorcycles, yachts, bike bifocals, diving tanks, camera glass, fishing rods, electrical accessories, fittings and valves are all made from alloy 6061. The inside covering of food compartments is typically made of 6061 aluminum composite, and aluminum jars are made of it. Aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys are also used to construct long-span roof structures for bridge decks and arenas. 6061 aluminum is produced by Airportmetals at a wide range of temperatures for use in a wide range of products, including custom solid and hollow shapes, seamless and structural bars and rods, and tubes and tubes. Our best in class handling and intensity therapy gear empowers us to create reliable grain and microstructure unrivaled in the business. We make standard and custom synthetic compounds.

Our Stainless Steel Services in Melbourne

As one of Melbourne’s top stainless steel suppliers, we recognise the value of utilising high-quality materials that have received Australian Standards certification. We offer stainless steel sheet and tube in Melbourne that may be utilised for do-it-yourself projects for all purposes in all sectors. We enjoy offering excellent client care as well as conveyance of steel supplies at reasonable expenses, whether you require treated steel tubing in Melbourne or you’re looking for stainless steel supplies in Melbourne. We can supply you with a wide range of stainless steel products because we are Melbourne’s dependable source for supplies made of stainless steel:

  • Due to its austere appearance and superior forming properties, the most popular grade is utilized for benchtops, bowls, and flashings, among other general-purpose applications.
  • Marine grade – used in high corrosive maintenance areas such handling plants, drug assembling, and clinic applications; resistant to corrosion caused by chloride
  • A lower grade of stainless steel known as “refrigeration grade” is ideal for use in decorative flashings and other household applications.